Painted kitchens

It may at first seem like a daunting task when deciding to paint your kitchen units. But from a wealth of experience, it will result in one of the best decisions you will ever make and you will reap the benefits at the very heart of your home.
Your kitchen can be turned around with the use of colour and will appear larger in size and so much brighter. There is no surface that cannot be painted and there is a primer for even the most unlikely or troublesome surface. We have seen them all!
There are so many wonderful colour palettes to choose from and once you have made the decision to paint, we won’t stop until we find you the perfect shade for you. On our initial call out you will be shown a choice of colours and quality paint finishes to choose from and a selection of door knobs and handles.

On average, a standard size kitchen will take three to five days. There is a process of first cleaning, lightly sanding, followed by two undercoats and two top (finishing) coats- sometime three if the timber is very dark to begin with.