Before/ after

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This solid oak kitchen came with the house and the current owners were looking for something different and more personal. Having optimum design features, this kitchen was very worthy of a smart dark French grey hand painted finish.

For the main kitchen above,a lighter shade of the same blue was chosen to create a bit of interest in such a huge space!

This was one heavy and sturdy chair and the featured design of the back was most attractive and was also really comfortable. As soon as I set eyes on it, I realised it’s potential and the hunt for fabric was going to be a good one!

This was a project for one of my regular customers, just looking for somewhere to land a cup or glass of wine near their sofa without a coffee table hogging all the floor space!

Painted for customer, belonged to his Mother

These are designed here at our shop and made to order by our wonderful cabinet maker. With the concept of storage and aesthetics in mind, these bespoke wall units can be attached to a wall anywhere in the home and are constructed with or without concealed door and in colour of your choice.

This was a tall knotted pine kitchen corner unit housing a a well stocked drinks cabinet a shelves of china! Having glass window doors like this , was well worth changing to this pretty shade of an old blue.

This was love at first sight! Like seeing a dog tied to a lamp post that you want to take home! Hours of cleaning and prepping in finding the soul of this little soldier, colour inspired by the ship on the quay nearby.

This kitchen lived an old hard working farm with a very bus family life. A complete kitchen renovation with new worktops, tiling and furniture. With additional cupboard storage and fresh colour scheme. It’s a new space.

This standard staircase can be found in most houses. Whilst being time consuming and put the fear in most DIY enthusiast , it is so rewarding as it is the first thing to greet you in the hallway and being painted can double the space there.

This was another gem I found on a scavenge! Immaculate condition and beautiful finish, dovetailed drawers and great retro legs! Graduated size drawers, ideal for storage. Agonized in anticipation of colours and unique combined vintage hard wear to give this tall boy a personality.